We Create Networks Without Borders.

Our user and patient-friendly technology overcomes the barriers of geography, time, and training. The innovative use of the Hippo™ platform can provide on-demand clinical support, assessment of clinical needs, and in depth, ongoing professional development through case studies and team-based learning.


Delivering networks without boundaries, the Hippo device provides the foundation for a network of skilled medical workers to remove the barriers of geography, time, and training to medical care access. The Hippo device is optimized for use in the surgical bay when doing rounds, remote education, and in the field with EMT workers. The Hippo device is an OEM version of RealWear’s HMT-1, and is IP66 water-resistant, dust-tight for protection against ingress of microparticles, and is drop-proof from 2 meters onto concrete from any angle.

The Hippo device can be worn over the head, hands-free, and can be worn with safety glasses or corrective eyewear. The microdisplay fits just below your line of sight and is readable in full sunlight. The Hippo device works with HIPPA-compliant software applications delivering fast, reliable, and secure data transmissions for your network.

Join the My Hippo movement today with hands-free voice control and participate in the next evolution of computing in healthcare technology, and extend your network without borders.

President & Co-Founder at Hippo Technologies, Inc. is an Expert in driving market acceptance, adoption and winning market share within the Industrial, Manufacturing, Education, Healthcare, Financial Services, and Entertainment sectors. Pioneer in Iot, Augmented / Mixed Reality and wearable computing.