Advisory board

Ben Boedeker (USA)

Ben Boedeker, DVM, MD, PhD, MBA is a retired Colonel in the US Air Force Medical Corps with a long history of service as a research anesthesiologist. His contributions have been in novel analgesic development, improving far forward military airway management and integrating telemedicine with anesthesia practice.

Francesco Landucci (Italy)

Francesco Landucci is an anesthesiologist and intensivist who works on the front lines of COVID-19. His field of interest is airway management and he is considered an expert in video laryngoscopy. Unfortunately, like all experts, he ignores everything he doesn't know. :) He has been working abroad just enough to realize that he can't stay away from Italy.

Martin John (UK)

Martin is a cardiac anaesthetist with an interest in airway management and echocardiography. He studied and currently works in London, which is a wonderful city! His airway interest stemmed from an inspiring fellowship looking at oxygenation strategies and pre-emptive imaging. He also tries to play the bass guitar and speed chess, but to no avail!

Barbe Pieters (Netherlands)

Barbe Pieters is an anesthesiologist interested and experienced in different fields of anesthesiology, including pediatric (cardiac) anesthesia. Her main interest however remains airway management. She has a PhD in videolaryngoscopy.